Gravity’s Loop

(a novel in progress)

In PEER THROUGH TIME, a pregnant woman traveled from 1937 to 2079, and then to an unknown year. GRAVITY’S LOOP is the story of her son, now an adult.

Northern California, 1966.
Sam Westmoreland is the new staff psychiatrist in a small-town mental institution. He suspects his boss of conducting mind-control experiments on their patients. While investigating, Sam is taken prisoner and thrown into an isolation chamber. The unit stands alone in a forest, up the hill from a creek, on the land where Sam’s ancestors lived. He believes he’s hallucinating when the ground opens up and he is transported through time.

Californialand, 2109.
Vittie Westmoreland, genetically enhanced since before birth, is learning to control the time portal her family stumbled upon long ago. During one of her experiments, she pulls her ancestor Sam from 1966 into the present, saying she needs his help protecting the portal.

Sam just wants to get back to the asylum to ensure the safety of his patients, but he’s trapped in a world of shapeshifting buildings, AI governments, superhuman freaks, and a Golden state that has declared itself a nation. He meets a younger, pregnant version of his mother, who’s desperate to return to her own time. She convinces Sam that Vittie is dangerous, then whisks him to San Francisco, where she knows someone who can help them both get home. Meanwhile, Vittie is coming after them, determined to retrieve her prisoners.

Long-kept family secrets are revealed as Sam and his mom race against Vittie for control of the time portal, and potentially of time itself.

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