Reviews of Peer Through Time

Readers’ Favorite:

  • “A great blend of realistic concepts, complex characters, and mystery.”
  • “Peer Through Time verges on both fantasy and plausible theories, which will delight sci-fi enthusiasts.”

Self Publishing Review:

  • “There’s a slow boil of intrigue as answers seem to only open more questions until the very last pages.”
  • “A sophisticated plot melding sci-fi and 1930s America in a bold and refreshing way.”
  • “Quirky, but sensible.”

Author Terry R. Hill: “Pennington nicely layers the story with a murder-mystery, action, and a sentient android struggling to find his place in the human world.”

Cheryl’s Book Nook:

  • “For a time travel story it was a good one and I have not read a good one in a while.”
  • “At times I did wish that the action was turned up a few dials but still this was an enjoyable read.”

Blooming With Books: “I don’t know if there will be a second book following these characters, but I would be interested in seeing how their lives will play out in whatever era they manage to find themselves in.”

Amazon customer reviews:

“The characters develop in unexpected ways and it makes one ponder ethics and technology, religion, and destiny.” – Kristin

“The time travel method is a real leap of faith for the time travelers because it so inconsistent and unreliable! Interesting!” – Mattie

“While I usually like to guess how a book will end, this one baffled me, then shocked me, then totally surprised me.” – PandaLady

“The story keeps you guessing, but moves along quickly.” – Lorena

PeerThroughTime - Splinters 2

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